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" Make new with old " or " We recycle metal " could be the motto of this group of groove metal !

If the group pays its tribe to resolutely "metal" inspirations for what touches certain riffs and the energy developed within several pieces, the melody and the refrains tinged with lyricism constitute a very characteristic touch of the style of Exess.

The nuances and changes of atmospheres also make the style of the group difficult to relate to a particular genre, which contributes to establishing the hallmark of this formation.


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Alan Montanari



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Alan is a rock drummer indeed!

Known for his strike, his commitment

and his consistency, he is particularly appreciated and well known for his

unique way of playing


Stéphane Froidevaux "Front"



Stéphane's playing is often described as

aggressive and sustained at the rhythm 

level. Favoring however the melody,

he prefers to concentrate the harmony

in his riffs rather than in solos

which he rarely plays

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Céline Bart


Céline's voice is powerful and crystal clear at the same time. It evolves in a soft and heavy style, with sometimes more blues tones. What makes the difference is precisely this improbable contrast between the two registers

Exess (339).JPG

David Pauli


David is a rock bass player who appreciate to play his instrument in a versatile and groovy way

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